Letter to Dick Curnock from his father



Letter to Dick Curnock from his father


The letter congratulates Dick Curnoock on being promoted to warrant officer and is full of domestic news.




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One double sided handwritten letter


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69, Minehead Street

1st June 1946

Dear old Dick

Congrats re[?] W/O. pleased to hear it has come through at last. Your letter arrived shortly before I sent a wire to Vic[?] & Jean to wish them “the best”, as I included your wishes as well and the cost of the wire nearly “bust” me!

I opened your letter to Mary before it was realised who it was for, so before she returns I shall have to “remail[?]” it by some means. There certainly was considerable excitement on the part of Mary when she left here for Canterbury. The train was first stop St. [indecipherable word], and it was fairly full. Mum had to sit in one part of the coach & Mary another, but she soon settled down with a party of R.A.F. fellows who were casting her admiring glances, which

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she returned without showing the slightest sign of embarrassment. I must say that Mary looks extremely nice in bridesmaid’s “rig out”, and Mum made it simply lovely – “ever so”! I shall impart them back on Monday, but I told them there was no need to hurry their return on my behalf. Mum worries about the grub question, but I can cook alright. I boiled an egg for breakfast this morning and I did it to a turn, just right. Thought of going up [two indecipherable words] this afternoon to see if there was much cricket[?] on, but the weather looks none too favourable. Got up fairly early this morning but before doing so I lay very patiently waiting to see if I should get up and bring myself a cup of tea, but nothing happened.

We had a letter from Joan not so very long ago and I understand Bill is going strong with a fiancé, and we have been asked to go

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and pay Buckland Newton a visit. Everything is going along very nicely in the garden. I am trying to grow some onions this year & hope I shall meet with success. They are looking very well in their early stages, but such things as onions have a [indecipherable word] of falling back. It’s not much use my launching forth any news, as I am sure Mum keeps you fully acquainted with all current events happening here. Your description of Bob’s “Spider crawl”[?] will no doubt compare very favourably with mine, so I had better finish off before you come to the conclusion that this is far worse.
Lots of love
From Dad.

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[inserted] 1815605 [/inserted]

w/o Curnock R.M.
H.Q. 239 Wing.
Royal Air Force.

Sender’s name and address:-
P.J. Curnock
69 Minehead St




Mr Curnock, “Letter to Dick Curnock from his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 27, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22339.

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