Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula



Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula


Writes of her daily activities including her investigation of local maternity nursing home. Mentions sending off eight letters and SSAFA jobs. Writes of receiving wedding anniversary congratulatory telegram and hopes that he will be home again soon and stay longer this time. Concludes with gossip and hopes his return journey was not too bad.



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Four page handwritten letter


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Felmersham, Jan 7th
Darling Johnnie, I've been in to Gerrards Cross this morning & got my mixing bowl at last. I also got a bank statement & it makes the score £82.9.9. on Dec. 27th. Thirdly I went to see Matron at the Chalfont Nursing Home & have booked a single room at 7 gns per week. They range from 7-14 guineas according to size, but she showed me one, on the ground floor looking out on to the garden, for 7 gns. & it is certainly all one could ask for. They are all single rooms, not wards. So that's not quite so bad as we'd feared. On the other hand
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there are other charges for the operating theatre & apparatus, anaesthetics etc., which come to about £5. I asked about laundry, & was told the baby's nappies are done there for the inclusive charge, & other clothes can be sent to a woman they employ & charged to us, but it seems quite cheap, 4d for the baby's nightdress, 8d for mine, etc. so it looks as tho' you won't have to spend your evenings washing & ironing! On top of this, of course, is the doctor's bill, & I asked Matron what Haward usually charges & she said about 10 gns. So we shan't have any change out of £309. Is it worth it? It's too late now anyway!
I got off 8 letters last night, which was a
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relief, I think we've about finished with Christmas now. Another SSAFA job has cropped ;up today, so I must go out this afternoon & get it done. A telegram of congratulations for our wedding anniversary came this morning from the Winters, which was nice of them if slightly late. I did some practise yesterday evening, & found time to read a bit too. But it was very bleak after you'd left. I do hope you'll be home again soon, for a longer stay. I must get the draught excluded painted before then &
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hope to get a new 2-way adaptor too – on Thursday or later! My mixing bowl was 5/- so I'll have to tread warily. But I think we'll be alright. Of course the postman had to come for his Christmas box today too, I daresay there'll be others following suit.
I hope your journey was not too bad & that the trains connected up according to plan. I look forward to hearing from you on Wednesday.
All my love, darling & come home again soon, Yours always, Ursula
PS Lords do rivetting of china so I shall take some of ours in



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