Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir



Letter to Mrs Cahir from Jim Cahir


In the letter Jim describes Christmas in the camp.




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JAN 5th.
Dear Mum, Dad & Vincent. It is just twelve months since I wrote my first letter to you, by the time you receive this letter you should have received twenty letters and fourteen cards for the complete year. Apologise to the people who have written to me and have not had replies, I would like to write to them all, but letter forms are scarce. Christmas Day was something out of the Box, and to use a RAF. expression “Bang On”. We had Midnight Mass at 9 oclock [sic] in the evening, and returned from Mass to our Barracks under armed escort, a rather unique experience for me. Our Barrack Room was gaily decorted [sic] with any scraps of coloured paper available, and long streams of tin labels hung from the rafters. Christmas Dinner was the best meal of the year. The Red Cross parcels arrived a couple of days before Christmas and we received four parcels for five men. My five included a Kiwi an Englishman, George and another Australian from Brighton named Albert Stobart. We made a Christmas Cake out of Pear Flour & other odds & ends such as Broken Biscuits, it was beautiful. We also had Roast spuds, Boiled spuds, Tinned Peas and a couple of tins of Bully, plus 1/10 of a tin of Turkey. We decorated our table (which has a very interesting History) with coloured paper plus [deleted] Tolet [/deleted] Toilet Paper and it looked quite attractive. Your letters of June 15th, July 14, Sept 14th, Oct 11th & 23rd arrived over the past ten days. How is Kathleen? always remember her in my Prayers. Don’t worry over me Mum! am in the best of health! If you must send parcels, send food with a pair of socks. Love to all Jim.


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