Prisoner of war postcards to Jim Cahir's family



Prisoner of war postcards to Jim Cahir's family


Nine postcards from Jim Cahir to his mother and brother, Pat.




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Nine handwritten postcards and one addressed card


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[postmark and rubber stamps]
[inserted] Mit Luftposte. [/inserted]

505 BELL ST.

Francis Shamus Cahir F/sgt

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Oct 25th 44

Dear Pat[?]. I received two letters from you dated July 28th & Aug 15th, very pleased to get them. Glad to hear you are putting [deleted] at [/deleted] on weight, you no doubt top me now! I’m afraid I don’t get much opportunity for Aussie Rules[?] here, the only football played here is Rugby & Soccer, neither is as good as our game. You say you are studying Accountancy, nice work! I finished a course in Bk. Keeping and am doing a little in Textiles[?] now Jim

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Nov 9th. 44.

Dear Mum, Pat & Vincent. A letter dated March 15th arrived today, also one from Doreen dated Aug 7th plus another from Dorothy Griffith, sorry I can’t answer the latter two yet. You could tell Doreen I know John Murphy very well! does Terry Rayner know Jimmy White who was from Kilmore? he is also here. That was funny about the “Walburgian” I heard about Bill Cashman[?] from H.Q. this week, will write to his Mother next week. How is Kathleen now? have not forgotten her in my prayers [inserted] Love [/inserted] Jim

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Dear Mum. The rain and snow of winter is nearly passed and I am looking forward to some nice weather. As usual I am in the very best of health, hope you are at home. There is plenty of entertainments at night to occupy us. We are still cooking our own dishes, and enjoying them, though I doubt if anybody else would. Well Cheerio for the present, don’t worry over me. Many Happy returns of your Birthday, you have my prayers. Jim

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MARCH 9th 44

Dear Mum Pat & Vincent. Once more things are the very best, I am in the very best of health and still enjoying the different experiences of life. Our entertainment programme is still very good; I have been drawn into the circle of Lecturers to Lecture on “a Visitor’s first impression of England” I start my tour tomorrow night. Last night various members of the hut told their life stories, it was good. Love Jim

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Dear Folks, A Happy Easter to you all. Easter time here was very good, I was able to attend all the Easter Ceremonies so was with you in the Spiritual sense. I remembered you all in my Holy Communion this morning. The Sporting Event of Easter week was the Soccer match Army v’s Airforce which drew [inserted] a [/inserted] huge crowd. Don’t worry over me, I am in the best of Health. Jim

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Dec 25th 44

Dear Mum Pat & Vincent. Christmas here is really something marvellous, a couple of days ago a few more thousand food Parcels arrived from the Red Cross, and I have really had a “bang on” meal, and I feel as if I could not eat another things, a feeling I have not experienced for many months previous. Will give you details of Christmas Dinner next letter. Your letters of Sept 14th Oct 23rd arrived this week, very sorry to hear Kathleen is so ill, never forget her in my prayers. Love Jim.

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Jan 25th 44

Dear Mum. Once again your big worry reports to be in the very best of health and enjoying life and its experiences to the upmost. During the week I started my educations classes, I told you about them last letter. I finished a Novena[?] of Rosaries & Benedictions to the Little Flower today, also wrote to Auntie Louie. Other members of my crew that are with me are well. Kind regards to all, your loving Son.

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Nov 24th 33

Dear Mum. Your letter dated July 8th arrived today, I told you in my last letter I had received your second parcel. The plates & mug were excellent, in fact everything was most useful. I also received a letter from Dorothy dated Sept 24th, sorry I can’t answer yet. I wrote to you twice in Feb have you received them now? Hope Kathlyn is better now, haven’t forgotten her in my prayers. Saw “Petriefied[sic] Forest” this week; wrote to Spike, it may reach him. In best of health, hope you are the same. Happy Christmas Jim

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Dec 9th 44

Dear Vincent. Many happy returns of the Day, I attended Mass for you this morning. During the week I received six letters, one from Pat dated Sept 9th, one from Mum Sept 24th and Doreen & Mary’s dated June 26th & 30th. Bad luck you losed[sic] the Football, how’s the hand now? Doreen in her letter talks about a send off to Betty & Phil, and a chap by the name of Jim, whats[sic] it all about? Things are the same here, very cold, no snow yet! Not looking forward to Christmas. Still doing a bit of study on Wool. Happy Christmas to you all. Love Jim.

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