Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Dave advises his fiancée, Betty, that he has received a letter and a parcel. He informs her that he has settled in the new place, but has to work even harder than at Elementary Flying Training School. Dave explains that the course is difficult, but is getting on well. and had recently flown to Winnipeg and Carberry. Finally, Dave updates Betty on the latest films he has seen and ends the letter with affection.




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One page handwritten letter


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Miss Betty Hughes,
50. Portland Street
Cardiganshire. Wales.

1653015 LAC. Davies D.H.
R.A.F. Station.
Estevan. Sask.
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1653015 LAC DAVIES

My. Dearest Darling,
I received one letter and one parcel from you today darling, which I was very pleased indeed to receive, especially the parcel. I appreciate it very much darling. I shall be able to save some money now. I was pleased to hear you had received some of my letters
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at last. I know what it is like to receive a letter, especially from someone you love who is far away. I have settled down at my new place by now. IT [sic] is’nt [sic] such a bad place after all, exept [sic] that we have to work exeptionally [sic] hard. I thought E.F.T.S. was bad enough but this station beats it for work. Thanks for the congratulations for passing darling. I still can’t see how I did so well. I’m afraid I w’ont do so well here. The course is really hard, especially the ground subjects. My instructor gave me some confidence yestarday, he said I was getting on quite well with my flying. He’ll probably tell me the opposite tomorrow though, because I have my good and bad days. I was in Winnipeg yesterday. Two of us took two passengers there and one back. I was navigating on the way there, and piloting on the way back. We called at on aerodrone called Carberry on the way back, where Nappy [sic] is. I looked everywhere for him, but I found out letter than he was on 48 hrs leave which made me very disappointed. IT [sic] was quite an experience for us, as it is quite a long distance away. We started at eight in the morning, and goT [sic] back at 5.30 PM. We had about 3 hours in Winnipeg. and nearly an hour in Carberry where we refueled. I heard from Don this week he wishes to be remembered to you. I went to the pictures last night and saw Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in Girl Crazy. You‘ve probably seen it over there. I'm very curious as to what the present you‘re sending me is. You‘ll have me guessing now for a few weeks until it arrives. I shall keep it always darling whatever it is. By the way have you received my present yet? Well darling I‘ll have to close now darling. I shall write again soon. I do miss you ever so much darling. I'm always thinking of you and love you more than ever darling. Do you now [sic] that old saying "Absence makes the heart
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grow fonder" well I think it’s quite true. In my case anyway. Think of me sometimes darling – as if you never did. Hoping the day will soon come when we shall be together again and always.
That’s all for now.
Your darling husband (to be)
P.S. Remember me to mother [sic] and grandad, [sic] Eunice and all at the office Hoping I shall see them all soon.



Dave Davies, “Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 6, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19805.

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