Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes



Letter from Dave Davies to Betty Hughes


Dave hopes his fiancée, Betty, had a happy birthday and asks if she has received his gift. He tells about the cold weather and snow, but says that the flights continue. Dave lists the films that he has recently watched; and expresses the desire to return home soon. The letter closes with words of love to Betty.




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Miss Betty Hughes,
50. Portland Street.
Cardiganshire WALES.

1653015 L.A.C. DAVIES D.H.
[underlined] CANADA. [/underlined]
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[underlined] 12 [/underlined]
1653015. L.A.C DAVIES

My Dearest Darling,
I received two letters from you today, one posted on the 16th and the other on the 19th of October, which was’nt [sic] bad at all. They are the
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quickest I’ve had so far I think. I wish they would not come together though, and that they would spread them out a little. Well darling you are getting a big girl are’nt [sic] you? Did you have a nice birthday? I hope you did. I wish I could have celebrated it with you too darling, I was thinking of you. Never mind I’ll be home for your next birthday. By the way have you received the present I sent you. I hear you are going down home again. I wish I was going with you darling. I’d give anything to be down there with you. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself. They like you very much darling. Blodwen says she likes you more every time she sees you. I was glad to hear your cold was better darling. You certainly are getting good. I hope you w’ont [sic] be going to bed so early when I come to see you. Are’nt [sic] you lucky, getting lovely weather. The weather out here has become very cold all of a sudden. We’ve had quite a lot of snow too. They hav’nt [sic] stopped the flying though, we land on the snow. The temperature last night was 12° below zero. So you can imagine how cold it is. I have seen a few pictures lately. - "Stage Door Canteen", "Lassie Come Home" "The Moon is Down" "Swing Shift Maisie" and "Salute to the Marines". We get very good films on the station, considering it’s so far from civilization. It’s strange not to see you by my side though darling. I’m longing for that day too darling. I hav’nt [sic] received the parcel you have sent me yet. I suppose I’ll get it this week though. You could’nt [sic] have sent me a better present darling. I spend most of my money on cigarettes. There’s a Wings Parade on here tomorrow, one of the courses have just passed out. It really shook me when I saw how many of them were going home. Only a few of them were lucky.
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I hope I shall be one of the lucky ones, when our time comes. I’m longing to see you darling. I could’nt [sic] stand it having to stay out here, after we finish the course. We’ve all reached such a state, that we would’nt [sic] care if we were thrown off the course tomorrow, so that we could return home. We can't stand this [indecipherable word] staring much longer. I do’nt [sic] sound very cheerful do I? IT's [sic] just for the simple reason that I miss you so much darling. I love you more than ever and am always thinking of you darling.
Yours forever
Your darling



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