The American vanguard attacks a bridge on the Rhine



The American vanguard attacks a bridge on the Rhine


Two firing tanks are crossing the bridge. Five men are jumping into the river, whilst others are being killed and are throwing their guns into the air. On the bank to the left of the bridge, men are advancing behind the tanks, whilst on the opposite bank a large explosion has engulfed men in flames and smoke. Below the bridge, to the right of the picture, a partially submerged German tank is visible. Above the bridge are two aircraft. One is swooping down to attack whilst under air attack itself while the other ascends, trailing black smoke. In the distance are groups of other aircraft.

Label reads “249”; signed by the author; caption reads “MARZO 1945. Violenti combattimenti delle punte corazzate americane per il possesso di un ponte sul Reno ancora transitabile, pattuglie di retroguardia tedesche tentano di far brillare le mine, senza successo.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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