Pages 37, 38 and 39 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook



Pages 37, 38 and 39 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook
The Canadian Lancaster


Photo 1 - a view of the front of the Lancaster, partly obscured by a head.
Photo 2 - the Lancaster taxing in after landing with the nose of a second Lancaster on the left.
Photo 3 - the Lancaster parked annotated 'Parked for passengers & crew to disembark'.
Photo 4 - the nose of the Lancaster annotated 'Canadian pilot just prior to disembarking'.
Photo 5 - taken under the wing of the RAF Lancaster looking to the side of the Canadian Lancaster. Ground crew are walking towards it with chocks and equipment.
Photo 6 - two photographs on the wall in the hangar.
Photo 7 - Kodak Picture CD index sheet with 39 thumbnail images.
Photo 8 - the mid-upper turret.
Photo 9 - the rear turret.
Photo 10 - captioned 'View from inside the bomb bay of hanger'.

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