Civilians repairing a trunk road and a railway line after bombing



Civilians repairing a trunk road and a railway line after bombing


At night, men are clearing debris by using shovels, pick axes and a wheel barrow. A fire has been lit and men are holding torches and lanterns. In the foreground three military personnel are talking, one with a lantern in his right hand, another smoking a pipe and gesturing with his left hand while the third is listening with arms folded.

Label reads “228”; signed by the author; caption reads “16 FEBRAIO 1945. TORVISCOSA, civili al lavoro notturno al lume delle torcie [sic] in zona 3 ponti per riparare l’interruzione alla ferrovia, e alla strada statale, inseguito [sic] agli attacchi aerei.”

Caption translates as: “16 February 1945, Torviscosa. Civilians are working by torchlights in the Tre Ponti district. They are trying to repair the railway and highway following the aerial bombings.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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