RAF Wickenby 626 Squadron notices



RAF Wickenby 626 Squadron notices


Series of notices in August, September and October 1945. Second notice reports the loss of six aircrew on an operation 'Dodge' on 7 August 1945. Crash site Lamontelarie (55 miles north east of Toulouse). Crew buried in Mazargues Cemetery Marseilles. Notes that bomb aimer Sgt. R. M. Marshall and rear gunner Sgt I T Handley were not flying with the crew that day.

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[underlined] August 1945. [/underlined]
A crop of Gastro-intestinal cases, mostly NCO. aircrew.
Cause. N.C.O.s mess No. 56 P.T.C. Pompilli, Italy.

[underlined] 7th Aug. 1945 [/underlined]
Exercise “Dodge”.
626/C2 RF189 Crash site. Lamontelarie (43.35N/02.35E)
55miles North East of Toulouse.

Pilot. P/O C.R. Chancellor Killed 198111
2nd/P. F/O N.S. Phillips Killed 172785
Nav. F/S J.F. Kirk Killed 1801143
W.T. V/0 [sic] D.R. Cook Killed 1322196
P/Eng. P/O C.R. Branch Killed 198723
M.U.G. F/S J.E. Wilkinson Killed 2206001

All 6 crew members are buried in Mazargues Cemetery Extension, Marseilles

Two members of this crew did not fly on this operation.
Bomb Aimer. Sgt. R.M. Marshall 1671296, and
Rear Gunner. Sgt. I.T. Handley 2205484
W/R No. 386.

[underlined] September 1945 [/underlined]
Nothing of significance. Nil casualties.

[underlined] 7th Oct. 1945 [/underlined]
Last 626 Squadron recorded flight.
Two A/C on Operation (Spasm) visiting Berlin to view the damage partly caused by the Squadron.
Note that the Squadron,s [sic] second trip on 18/11/43 was 9 A/C to the “Big City”.

[underlined] 19th Oct. 1945 [/underlined]
12 Mosquitoes of 109 Squadron landed to take up occupation of Wickenby in place of 626 Squadron which disbanded.

[underlined] 20th Qct. [sic] 1945 [/underlined]
Wing Commander D.F. Dixon 33135 Pilot. Posted to H.Q. 91 Group.

(The above is the last recorded entry in 626 Squadron documents of any significance.



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