Hostages being executed as reprisal for the liberation of 70 inmates by partisans



Hostages being executed as reprisal for the liberation of 70 inmates by partisans


A firing squad opens fire on a group of civilians lined up against the wall of a cemetery. Two officers are featured in the bottom-left corner. Two other men in uniforms are visible in the background, near a built-up area. A copy of the execution notice is pasted on the top right corner.

Label reads “219”; signed by the author; caption reads “Il 7 Febbraio 1945 la brigata Ciapalev aveva liberato i 70 reclusi di via Spalato, a Udine, l’11 Febbraio Reiner [Friedrich Rainer], il commissario del Litorale Adriatico, ordino’ la rappresaglia e alle prime luci dell’alba, un’autocarro scaricava nei pressi del cimitero, 23 ostaggi, essi erano: Pontello Vincenzo – Bernadon Osvaldo – Purmesan Bruno – Maraldo Fortunato – Bernardo Remo – Serena Renzo – Lovisa Francesco – Juri Lino – Zambon Giovanni – Tommaso Adelchi – Manca Gesuino – Dorigo Pietro – Pradolin Luciano – Stabile Renato – Helde Luigi – Chinese Antonio – Bernardel Carlo – Zambon Gino – Lovisa Fernando – Marcello Giovanni – Giordano Attilio. La tragica nuova della piana, volo’ per la montagna, a empire di sdegno e d’esecrazione i combattenti. Sul muro esterno del cimitero, una lapide in cui arde una luce perenne ricorda: Contro questo muro, la sanguinaria ferocia nazi-fascista, sprezzante delle eterne leggi gi giustizia, ostaggi tratti dal carcere all’alba dell’11 Febbraio 1945, per selvaggia rappresaglia spense.”

Caption translates as: “On 7 January 1945, the ‘Ciapalev’ brigade freed 70 inmates detained at Via Spalato prison. On 11 February, Friedrich Rainer, commissioner of the Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral, ordered the reprisal. At the crack of dawn, a lorry unloaded 23 hostages near the cemetery. They were: Pontello Vincenzo, Bernadon Osvaldo, Purmesan Bruno, Maraldo Fortunato, Bernardo Remo, Serena Renzo, Lovisa Francesco, Juri Lino, Zambon Giovanni, Tommaso Adelchi, Manca Gesuino, Dorigo Pietro, Pradolin Luciano, Stabile Renato, Helde Luigi, Chinese Antonio, Bernardel Carlo, Zambon Gino, Lovisa Fernando, Marcello Giovanni, Giordano Attilio. The tragic news went from the plain to the mountains, filled the combatants with indignation and anger. On the outer wall of the cemetery, a perpetual light burns above a plaque that reads: “On 11 February 1945, against this wall, the bloodthirsty savagery of the Nazi-Fascists, disdainful of the universal laws of justice, killed hostages from the jail at sunrise in a barbarian reprisal.”

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Angiolino Filiputti, “Hostages being executed as reprisal for the liberation of 70 inmates by partisans,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024,

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