Lancaster over London



Lancaster over London


Newspaper cutting - 'Lancaster over London - the day Nelson was upstaged by rare glimpse of aviation history'.

Air to ground photograph of Lancaster over Trafalgar Square with Nelson's column in centre. Writes how sound of Lancaster's Merlin engines had not heard for 30 years. Sqn Leader 'Jacko' Jackson made historic flight as part of the 1976 Royal Tournament ceremonial parade.




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Daily Mail, Monday, July 12, 1976
Lancaster over London
The day Nelson was upstaged by a rare glimpse of aviation history
[missing word] LANCASTER bomber flies over [missing letters]falgar Square and provides [missing letters]don’s tourists with a rare- [missing word] –seeing bonus. For once the [missing letters]wds turned a blind eye on [missing letter]elson as the sound of the plane’s four Merlin engines stole the old sea hero’s thunder. It was a sound many had not heard for some 30 years and the under-30s not at all – except in old war movies. The Lancaster, piloted by Squadron Leader ‘Jacko’ Jackson, made its historic flight yesterday when it tracked massed bands marching below. Marchers and flier were part of the 1976 Royal Tournament ceremonial parade – the Tournament opens at Earl’s Court on Wednesday. the bom[missing letters] is the RAF’s only flying Lancas[missing letters] and is part of the Battle of Brita[missing letters] Memorial Flight based at Coningsby, Lincolnshire. But to many Londoners yesterday it was simply ‘one of ours. . . .’



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