Scenes and people - Stalag Luft 1 and Dulag Luft



Scenes and people - Stalag Luft 1 and Dulag Luft


Top left - a guard tower taken through barbed wire. Captioned 'F36 Dulag Luft'.
Top middle - a wooden guard tower with telegraph wires and fence to the right and church in the background on the left. Captioned 'F29 Stalag Luft 1'.
Top right - a view of the sky with anti aircraft fire. In the foreground a pole and barbed wire roll. Captioned '[..], AA fire during a raid on Mannheim. Dec 16 40'.
Bottom left - Twenty nine prisoners of war sitting and standing in four rows. Most are wearing battledress and some have visible brevet. Captioned 'B13 Canadian Officers, Stalag Luft 1 41'.
Bottom middle - two prisoners of war the left one dressed in theatrical uniform with tricorne hat and the one on the right in tunic with half brevet. Captioned 'B1 Stalag Luft 1, 1941'.
Bottom right - four prisoners of war wearing a variety of civilian clothes, three carrying milk churns. Captioned 'Would be escapees, Recaptured. Stalag Luft 1 [...]'.



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