To Isabel Bain from the British Red Cross Society



To Isabel Bain from the British Red Cross Society


States that Andrew has been listed as 'Missing, believed killed in action'. An official German source has informed the International Red Cross Committee that Andrew and the other members of the crew died on 24 August 1943.



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[War Organisation of the British Red Cross Society and Order Of St. John Of Jerusalem Letterhead]
[Underlined] Wounded, Missing And Relatives Department [/underlined]
Chairman: The Dowager Lady Ampthill, C.I., G.B.E.

In replying please quote reference: S/GEW/RAF/C. 8616.

7 Belgrave Square,
London, S.W.1
8th November, 1943.

Dear Mrs Bain,

We deeply regret that you will by now have heard from the Air Ministry that your husband, Sergeant A. Bain, 658930, has been posted Missing, believed killed in Action, and we should like to offer you the deep sympathy of all in this Department.

The report that your husband and all the members of his crew lost their lives on the 24th August, [inserted] 1943, [/inserted] was sent to the International Red Cross Committee at Geneva in an official German statement.

Further enquires are being made about your husband’s death and place of burial, and you will be notified without delay when any information reaches the Air Ministry or ourselves.

Many answers are being received to enquiries of this kind, but we are afraid that they often take several months to come through.
With again our deepest sympathy, yours sincerely,

Margaret Ampthill

Mrs. I. D. Bain,
25 Beaufort Gardens,
Bishopsbriggs, Glasgow.



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