To Isabel Bain from the British Red Cross Society



To Isabel Bain from the British Red Cross Society


Letter states that Warrant Officer Fear, Andrew's captain was buried at Doberitz (near Berlin) and it is likely that Andrew would also be buried there. When there is official confirmation, either they or the Air Ministry will send it to her.



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[War Organisation of the British Red Cross Society and Order Of St. John Of Jerusalem Letterhead]
[Underlined] Wounded, Missing And Relatives Department [/underlined]
Chairman: The Dowager Lady Ampthill, C.I., G.B.E.

In replying please quote reference WAS/MHD [Underlined] RAF/C.8616 [/Underlined]

7 Belgrave Square,
London, S.W.1.
14th January, 1944.

Dear Mrs. Bain,

We are writing to tell you of a report which has recently reached us through the International Red Cross Committee concerning a member of the crew with whom your husband, Sergeant A. Bain 658930, was flying.

The Organisation at Geneva has now forwarded an Official German statement that Warrant Officer Fear was laid to rest in the Garrison Cemetery at Doberitz, Germany.

From the records that reach us, we are able to tell you that it is usual for our enemies to bury members of one crew near to one another, so that the name of this cemetery may actually convey news of the last resting place of your husband.

When an official statement regarding him comes through you will be notified without fail either by the Air Ministry or by ourselves. We believe, however, that you would wish to receive this report, which we are accordingly forwarding.

With our renewed sympathy.

Yours sincerely,

[Underlined] Margaret Ampthill [/Underlined] MP DL

Mrs. I.D. Bain,
25, Beaufort Gardens,



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