From Andrew to Mr Williamson



From Andrew to Mr Williamson


Letter in which Andrew describes how he feels about life in the squadron and how Isabel has now left the WAAF and is looking after uncle and his son.




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One two-page handwritten letter


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25, Beaufort Gdns
Dear Mr Williamson,
Since last writing I have done my conversion to 4 engined bombers and have for the last three weeks been on an Ops Squadron near Ely in Cambridgeshire. I have done my first few ops and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There is not the tension about life here that I had expected. It is not a hard life by any means, but we do more flying than ever now (for we have our kite to look after) and it is tiring work. We haven’t run into any serious trouble but there is a happy sense of comradeship in the crew and on Ops the the patter over the intercom is bright, amusing, and has a very reassuring effect. We all live eat and sleep together so we just have to get on well. My Flight Engineer is a Glasgow fellow from Linthouse so I’ll have company to travel to and from

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I am coming home on leave next Wednesday (27th) for 6 days.
Isabel has now been discharged from the Waaf [sic] for medical reasons. Her aunt died some months ago so Isabel is now looking after her Uncle and his little boy at Bishopbriggs. I shall be going there on leave and you should address your letters there in future. Isabel is not out much these days so I might not manage in to see you this time when on leave but I’ll make a point of phoning you and I’ll tell you how things are. Has T.McL. gone out into the world yet? And how is HJB enjoying RAF life now.
Hope you and the family are keeping well. And enjoying Glasgow’s Fair attractions?!



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