Destroyed Wellington rear turret and crashed B-24



Destroyed Wellington rear turret and crashed B-24


Left a close up photograph of a rear turret with extensive damage. Caption 'Wellington a/c tailgunner [sic] killed over enemy territory Bu[...] at St Nicholas Church RAF Cemetery Feltwell RIP'

Top right front quarter view of a crashed B-24 41-29254 lying in open ground at Southery. Aircraft is titled slightly down to right and show broken fuselage just behind nose turret. Caption 'Crashed USAAF Liberator a./c, crashes in fens after releasing sea mine'.

Bottom right a side on view of crashed B-24 41-29254. There is damage to the nose area. Three figures are visible viewing the scene on the left.

Identification kindly provided by Gianluca Mazzanti of the Archeologi dell’Aria research group.




Three b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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