March 13 1941



March 13 1941


A brief account of the shooting down of Harry Redgrave's Manchester aircraft over Lincoln by a fighter. It states that four of the crew were killed and two injured when it crashed. Concludes with the statement 'There was doubt whether the fighter was British or German.'

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March 13 1941.

On the night of March 13, 1941, shortly after the alert had sounded at 20.43, an air battle took place over the city and a British bomber was brought down.
A fighter plane dived on a bomber which was flying from east to west over the south part of the city. A thrilling action was watched by thousands of people.
The fighter steadied behind the bomber and fired three bursts of machine gun bullets into it. The bomber, which was carrying lights, did not reply, but quickly lost height and crashed at Whisby Moor.
Four of the crew of the plane, a Manchester, were killed and two injured.
There was doubt whether the fighter was British or German.


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