Letter to David Donaldson



Letter to David Donaldson


Addressed to Wing Commander Donaldson, 192 Squadron. Letter concerns contributions to present for A.O.C. and possible contributions for another person called 'Our Rory'. Notes that such subscription lists are strictly against peacetime regulations but that it would be appropriate for memento to be given to S.A.S.O. along the same lines as for the A.O.C.




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[inserted] File on personal file & bf. [/inserted] [inserted] 28 /inserted]
[underlined] PERSONAL. [/underlined]
Royal Air Force Station,
Nr. Norwich,
16th June, 1945.

Dear Donaldson
You will have received the S.A.S.O's letter regarding “100 Group” present for the A.O.C. I felt immediately that I would like to contribute in a similar way towards a memento for “our Rory”. Others were apparently of the same mind, for within the space of a morning, I was “detailed” from three different directions to address this letter to you; I cannot do better that ask you to apply the wording of his letter over again, and in particular, the penultimate paragraph.
Subscription lists such as this are, of course, strictly against (peace time) regulations; but these are not ordinary times. It is agreed that there shall be no further proposals of this nature. I would add that our “Saso” is unmarried, but there are rumours that he may not always enjoy that happy state! I feel that a presentation from us now would also serve as a token of good wishes for the future from the Group as a whole – for which we shall not have another opportunity.
It is suggested that contributions should be on similar lines to those for the A.O.C. If you wish to support this proposal please send your contribution to me, together with another facsimile signature (without rank).
Yours [indecipherable word]
Gordon S.



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