Letter to David Donaldson



Letter to David Donaldson


Notifies him that writer is back in UK and if close would like to meet up. Mentions he has been promoted CFI and it would be difficult to get back onto operations. Mentions he managed to do two of the big operations. Asks what David is doing now. Signed Digger.



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Officers Mess
RAF Station Hixon,
Staffs. 24.11.42
Dear David,
I'me [sic] back I this cold island again, have been for some time now, so am dropping you a line to find out if you are anywhere in this neighbourhood. If you are anywhere in range I might be able to wangle a machine & come & look you up.
They eventually grabbed me for the training racket, I've just been promoted C.F.I. cant get back to operations at any price. I put in a written application asking to get on any heavy squadron, either here or overseas but no luck, they say I'll be able to get back in the Spring.
I've managed to do two of the big raids since returning. They are an absolute revelation after our old maximum efforts of about 30 aircraft.
What are you doing now David? Had a letter from Margôt the other day in which she said you were doing something at Group. How is Joyce? Please remember me to her. I'll have to close this now & do a spot of work. Drop me a line when you have time,
[underlined] Digger [/underlined]




“Letter to David Donaldson,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 3, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/15960.

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