To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave in RAF Upwood to his wife Jessie. Harry writes that he is in C Squadron and has started flying seven days a week and attending lectures. He is now using wireless for navigation and using the Link Trainer and the Air Ministry Laboratory bombing teacher.




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Sgt. [Sergeant] Redgrave H.C. 743047
Sergeants Mess
R.A.F. Station

Dear Jessie

Sorry I missed writing to you yesterday but as things have turned out I have been too busy. I dont [sic] know whether you have written yet but up to today Friday I have not received anything yet. I posted a letter to you on Monday evening and in case you did not get it and are waiting for an address use the one above.

As I told you before we were to do a fortnight in the Pool before flying but on Tuesday all of us from Dumfries were placed in C Squadron and started flying Wednesday. Well we fly every day Saturday and Sunday included as well as lectures each day. The exercises last about three hours and this morning I had to get up at five to be over the other side of the drome [sic] by six. I got down about nine and have got the rest of the morning off and will start lectures after dinner. Last night I landed about half past eight in the evening so you can see we are kept well on the move. The flights are very interesting and for the first time I am using wireless as an aid to navigation. When you are above cloud for an hour at a stretch this is a great help and once I get used to

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it I shall be getting well ahead with this advanced navigation. Later on we do a lot of night flying and target locating and practice stick bombing. The course is much more interesting than anything I have yet done and is so much more practical. We must do an hour a week at least on the Link Trainer and [deleted] hrs [/deleted] eight hours on the A.M.L. The Link Trainer is a piloting arrangement whereby flying is reproduced on the ground and the idea is to enable us to learn piloting just as a side line. The A.M.L. is a bombing teacher but I did quite a bit of that at Warmwell. By the way this ten hours a week is out of our “spare” time. Its [sic] all good practice though and I am beginning to feel a real observer by now.

Will you ask your Mum if, when you send her the key to the bungalow [deleted] I [/deleted] she would take it to Ticketts and get them to collect my byke [sic] as I have written to the Taxation Office and they will provide petrol coupons for me to bring it up here.

Well thats [sic] all for now and I do hope there is something in the post for me.

Lots of love darling and hoping to see you soon
Your loving Husband
Harry XXXX


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