To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter from Harry Redgrave to his wife Jessie. Harry writes from Redbrae and gives detailed instructions for Jessie’s train journey to visit him in Scotland.



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Dear Jessie,

Your prompt reply has arrived in nice time to make the necessary arrangements for your stay here and in this letter I want to give you as much information as possible so read it carefully.

Since I last wrote to you we have been told that we shall [inserted] have [/inserted] Saturday the 11th of May off for our next week end [sic]. Now I want to know if you can stay in Prestwick from [smudged] Friday [/smudged] 11th until Monday morning on the 20th. which means you will leave home about 5 P.M on Thursday and be back home again on the night of the Monday week following. I have applied for living out permission and shall draw allowances for that time which will help out the cash side. As you cannot draw your allowance in advance you had better get [inserted] it [/inserted] from your P.O. account to leave Mum enough to carry on and to enable you to bring some with you.

[smudged] Dick [/smudged] is going over to see the W.O. today to get a travel warrant for Johnny and I think she

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she [sic] will be coming up with you. That is not definite and you must get in touch with her before Thursday to make sure.

Heres [sic] the main items concerning the journey but you must check them up for yourself in case there have been any alterations in the service. Leave Southend by the 7.1. from the L.M.S which reaches Fenchurch St about 8.30 P.M. If that train is not running now you must catch one that gets to London by then. Your best plan is to get go from Fenchurch to Mark Lane and by Underground to Charing X and change there onto a Northbound train to Euston. You can get a through ticket from Mark Lane to Euston. You will have to hurry as that will not leave you much time but it can be done. On getting out the tube at Euston leave by the exit marked Main Line L.M.S. and that will take [inserted] you [/inserted] onto the station. Once on the station you must get hold of a porter or some official who will direct you to your train. I think there are three trains that go to Scotland each night one a sleeper which is no use to you another a troop train which you want to avoid and another which gets to Carlisle about 20 minutes after the sleeper. Thats [sic] the one you

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want. You will have to change at Carlisle about 4 A.M. and catch the next train to Kilmarnock and Prestwick.

Alternatively there is a train from St Pancras at 9.30 P.M which reaches Carlisle at [deleted] 3 [/deleted] 6.30 AM and a connection for Prestwick leaves at 6.40. arriving here about 9.20 A.M. Enquiries at Southend must decide your choice and your ticket will take you from either of the London termini. When you get here come out of the station and down the slope onto the road and continue on that same pavement past the Post Office [deleted] to where [/deleted] and turn to the left down the road opposite the “Red Lion” and the first turning down there on the right is Burnside Gardens.

You want No.10 which is up on the right hand side. Got the address 10 Burnside Gardens.

Enclosed is your warrant [smudged] which [/smudged] you present when you buy your through ticket at Southend the fare will be about £3. The £4.10 here will enable you to pay the Abbey Road this month. That includes your usual allowance but bring as much back as you can.

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I think that covers everything except that I am longing to see you again and hope you will enjoy your visit to Scotland. Thank Mum and Milly for arranging to mind Pamela and I will make it up to them at the first opportunity. Tell Pamela Daddy expects her to be a good girl to her Nan and leave Mum a shilling to buy Pam some sweets while you are away.

The stage is all set for our exams Mon Tues & Wed and all I can do now is my best so cheerio until Thursday. Give my love to all

Harry xxxx

P.S. As I shall be Anson flying next [deleted] Thursday [/deleted] [inserted] FRIDAY [/inserted] I shall not see you until teatime so if you can get some tea ready or we can have it out I will get round by 5.15.

[inserted] [shopping list] [/inserted]


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