To Jessie from Harry Redgrave



To Jessie from Harry Redgrave


A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. He discusses his Easter leave travel plans, his results of a maths exam and flying trips taken by a friend at the station.




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Four handwritten sheets and an envelope


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Mrs H.C. Redgrave
Oaken Grand Dr

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Monkton Prestwick
Friday 15.3.40

My dear Jessie,

I suppose you are hoping for some definite news of Easter. Well all I can tell you is that I shall be home but do not know for how long, probably about four days. I wish it were longer but we must be grateful for what we do get. Weve [sic] been worrying all the week but could get nothing definite until this afternoon when we were told we should get some leave but they could not say yet how long. We had to state whether we wanted a free warrant for which I have applied and I entered my home station as L.N.E.R hoping that I shall get a better train than that last time I was home. Do you remember that cold journey all round Tilbury that Saturday we came back from Bexhill. Although its [sic] more interesting here I would like to be as near to you as I was then. I bet you would have been up here before now if it was. When I get the timetable from you and know what time I shall get to London Ill [sic] let you know what time

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to be at the station. If I cant [sic] let you know in time I’ll try and send you a telegram from somewhere on the journey. Whilst I am home I shall not have a lot to spend so we must go easy although I shall have all I wish for in seeing you again. I know I shall come back to my work with a greater zest for it than I have had lately. To tell you the truth dear its [sic] been to [sic] much work and not enough you this last few weeks. But still all that will be put right next week. Just think darling this time next week we shall seeing and talking to one another again and feeling younger and eagerer [sic] than ever in our lives.

You will be pleased to know that I got 98 out of a 100 in the Maths exam and I feel that my nights of homework are rewarded. In the exams up to [smudged] now [/smudged] that makes me top in “Redbrae” so I’m not doing so bad. For my last Reco. Report (from 401) I got 9 out of ten and had it marked “Very Good” it seems today is my lucky day and next week will be my lucky week I hope.

I did not get any Anson flying

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yesterday as I had hoped but will probably do so on Monday. Donald Jenner whom you met at Bexhill did a good day in Ansons yesterday in a trip from here to Isle of Man and then on too [sic] Blackpool where they landed and had lunch and in the afternoon on a devious route made there [sic] way back to Prestwick. I hope I go there on Monday and show them how I can navigate. One of the piloting officers stationed at the aerodrome is F/O. Harkness who was one of the instructors at Rochford V.R. in peace time. I would rather like to fly with him especially as he is the son of the owner the [sic] Pall Mall Wine Stores in Leigh.

Tonight starts our week end [sic] leave for the month but I shall not go to Glasgow this time but make a rest of it so that I shall be fresh for next week darling.

Did I tell you about my trousers darling that I had sent to the cleaners. Well they sent the wrong pair back and tonight I went down again about them and as [deleted] I [/deleted] [smudged] nobody [/smudged] else has brought a pair back I can do nothing until such time as the person with my trousers discovers the mistake

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and takes them back. Its [sic] a pity as I wanted to look so smart for you but still I can put my other pair in the press when I get home.

Thank Mum for her letter the other day and tell her I shall have plenty of news for you all. Kiss Pamela goodnight for me and get excited with me over next week

Your loving
[underlined] Harry [/underlined]

P.S. Saturday.
Be home Friday morning with the hot x buns. Going back Monday night.

[underlined] Harry [/underlined]


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