Three letters from Robert Stott's wife



Three letters from Robert Stott's wife


Letters from Agnes Stott to a fellow crew member's father, comments on confusion about regular crew member who did not fly with them on their last operation and telling him that she had received formal notice that Robert had died.




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Three handwritten letters


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19/12/43. 1)
Arrived safe 24.4.1944
174 High Street
Mid. Lothian.

[missing letters]ar Mr. Blandford,
Just a few lines to thank [missing word] very much for your nice letter I [missing letters]ived here on Friday. When I read it at [missing word] I was at a loss as to who you [missing word] as in my husbands crew there is [missing word] name like Blandford. So I am send- [missing letters] on the post card snap of his crew [missing letter]lso of the Navigator. The only thing I [missing word] think is that Sgt. Whittle may [missing word] been on sick leave & your son [missing word] in his place but please let me know. [missing word] any word does come in which I [missing word] will I will certainly let you [missing word]. It is only people like us who [missing word] had the [indecipherable word] really [indecipherable word] & worse [missing word] not express just how we feel. [missing word] will close now & I am praying & [missing letters]g we will get word soon.
Yours. Sincerely.
(Mrs) Agnes E. Stott.
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174 High Street
Mid. Lothian.

Dear Mr. Blandford.
Please forgive me writing you again so soon. But today I only learned that Sgt. Whittle is in sick bay with a perforated ear drum & I did not know. I hope you will forgive me writing you saying the Navigator’s name was not the same.
I hope to before very long now we will get word soon.
Yours Very Sincerely.
(Mrs) Agnes E. Stott.
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Replied [underlined] 1-2-1944 [/underlined]
174 High Street
Mid. Lothian.

Dear Mr. Blandford.
It is with deep regret I write you at this time. on the 26 January I received word from the Air Ministry (I here quot [sic] their telegram).
According to information received through the International Red Cross Committee your husband Sgt. R. Stott (D.F.M.) is [indecipherable word] to have lost his life as the result of Air Operations on 26/11/43.
It came as a sudden shock but I still can’t believe it. I still do think he is still at liberty. It is my only hope now. If you have received similar news I pray to God to give you strength to carry on at this time.
Yours Very Sincerely
Agnes E. Stott.



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