To Pamela from Nanny Redgrave



To Pamela from Nanny Redgrave


Letter to Pamela from Nanny Redgrave. She praises Pamela for gaining her scholarship and writes about life in Southend.





Two handwritten sheets


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[inserted] Buy yourself some sweets with [underlined] the money [/underlined]
Love to them
[underlined] Wad + Peter [/underlined]
Xxx [/inserted]
13 Rochester Terrace
Prince Avenue
My Dear Pamela
I was delighted to hear, you had passed your scholarship, and must tell you I feel very proud of you, you will soon be going to High school and learning all the advanced subjects. Patty will be sitting for a scholarship, when she is old enough, I hope she passes too. Yesterday she went to her Sunday School outing, with her friend Joy. They went by coach to the London Zoo, they
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had a grand time.
It is very pretty all along our sea Front, now the Peter Pan Playground is lovely for the children, plenty of fun there, we all often take the. Last Sunday we all went on the beach for the day, Pat Tony & Alan love going in the water.
Uncle Tom, bought home yesterday the sweetest little kitten you ever saw he is only 4 weeks old.
Well Dear, I hope to see you this summer, somewhere. so with plenty of love & heaps of kisses from [underlined] Granny Redgrave [/underlined] xxx


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