Statement of Giulio Barni about some Allied servicemen

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Statement of Giulio Barni about some Allied servicemen


Giulio Barni claims he helped, with his brother Andrea, John F Kerrigan, David Douglas, Alexander Rodgers, Erbert Nirton, Owen M Connell (2928631), James Hosie, Jack W Gatman, Reginald Lunt, George Restovick, and Robert Beal; Giulio gave them food, clothes and cigarettes. In particular, Kerrigan was helped from 8 September 1943 to September 1944, he remained for a period in his house and then he hid in the woods. One day, he returned home with a wounded arm and he was treated by Doctor Primo Turini. David Douglas, Alexander Rodgers, and Erbert Nirton lived in Giulio’s house for many weeks and then they hid in a hut in the field. Later, Giulio became aware these last three servicemen re-joined their units near Siena. Owen M Connel was recaptured by German soldiers and taken to Germany. Some of the servicemen listed above returned to England, but others, of which Giulio didn’t know the identity, were recaptured by German soldiers in a field. Their fate remained unknown.




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ISRPT , C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 055


Giulio Barni, “Statement of Giulio Barni about some Allied servicemen ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 4, 2022,

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