Statement of Sabatino Vezzosi about some Allied servicemen

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Statement of Sabatino Vezzosi about some Allied servicemen


Sabatino Vezzosi claims he helped, from 9 September 1943 to 18 September 1944, eight English servicemen: David Pugh, Reginald Painter, T Wallace Hume, William Black, Victor Simmons, Frank Jaques, and Frederick Pears. At first, they stayed at Sabatino’s for eight days, then they moved to a safer place in Pieve a Celle, near Pistoia, where Sabatino brught them food every day. A few days later, there was a German round up and for several days he didn’t received any news from them until he heard they were in Casore del Monte, near Pistoia, but T Wallace and William Black went away. The other six servicemen were taken to a hut in Monte Vizzano. On 24 October 1943, fascist militiamen recaptured Frederick Pears, while he was visiting other prisoners. The other five remained in the hut until December when, because of the cold, they were hosted again in Sabatino’s house and at the Ghelli family house until 20 February 1944. Then, they moved to Castel dei Gai, near Pistoia. On 10 September, Sabatino brought them again to his house. Eight days later, they finally left the house to go to South African Allied Command in Vignole. They were repatriated and sent Sabatino letters of thanks.



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