Letter to Jessie Redgrave from her mother



Letter to Jessie Redgrave from her mother


Two-page handwritten letter and envelope from Jessie Redgrave’s mother. She writes that she is sorry that Harry has moved to another station and that she hopes he gets leave soon. She also writes about family visits.




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Two-page handwritten letter and envelope


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Mrs. Redgrave
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July 22 1940

My dear Jessie and Pamela.

I am so sorry Harry has been shifted, as I know how nice it must have been for you all to be together often. I have had a letter from Harry, and I think he seems very miserable about it all too, but still never mind, the war wont [sic] last forever, and then we shall all be back in Redwood. Have you decided what you are going to do now, it would be nice for you to live with your Aunty Jessie, and also you would be quite near to Auntie Nellie and all the family at Teddington. I miss you all very much, and all Pam’s little ways.

Joyce and Tom came up Saturday night much later than we expected owing to an air raid, they all look very well, Tom had to leave at 6 oclock [sic] yesterday Sunday. We all had a lovely day and I was very pleased to see them again. Of course we are very pushed for beds, as you know Milly has only one, so I

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sleep on the settee downstairs now, so that Joyce and Pat can sleep in the bed with Milly. Joyce says she will buy a cot for Pat, I would like to have my divan up here, but have to make the best of things these days. We have all been to Grays today and Joyce says it makes a change for her to see the shops. All Friday and Saturday Milly and I have been trying to get our own air raid shelter ready for use, we are trying to make steps to go down to it but it is hard work, we have done the front garden and made it look very nice. Thank you for sending on Harry’s 5/- on [sic], and I am going to write to him tomorrow, I am looking forward to him having some leave so that we can all see him. How is Pamela is she just as pretty, tell her, her Nanny is always thinking of her, and hopes she is a good girl, does she ever ask you when she is going home. Well dear I think this is all this time, try and let me know soon what you are doing, as you also seem far away, so will say Goodbye, wishing you all the luck in the world

With my fondest love to you both.
Your loving Mum
xxxxxx For Pam

[underlined]Love from Milly & Joyce [/underlined]


Mrs Redgrave, “Letter to Jessie Redgrave from her mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 1, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/15096.

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