Partisans sabotage German boats



Partisans sabotage German boats


Under the cover of darkness, partisans sabotage German boats with Kriegsmarine flags on both masts. One figure is holding a rifle and a built-up area is visible in the background.

Label reads “131”; signed by the author; caption reads “Caption reads “AGOSTO 1944. MARANO LAGUNARE, operazioni di sabotaggio nel Canale di S.Andrea da parte di un patriota maranese, ad imbarcazioni tedesche con il favour della notte, in’utilizza gli impianti di bordo, lasciando gli scafi in balia delle onde e delle correnti perche siano facile preda degli aerei all’alba.

Caption translates as: “August 1944. Marano Lagunare, sabotage operation in the Canale di S. Andrea by a local patriot. He sabotaged German ships during the night, making the on-board systems unusable and leaving the boats drifting with waves and currents. This way, they would be an easy prey for the aircraft flying over at dawn.”

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