Finse resort



Finse resort


Top right a note on pink paper 'A/C from RAF Wick, 1 PRU were there, "Warner Lesure [sic] 50% off"'.

Top left an aerial vertical photograph of a snow covered landscape with a railway line with numerous protective snow shed running from right to bottom left. There is a frozen lake in the top right quarter with a small built up area on its lower shore along the railway.

At the bottom a newspaper cutting describing the area and mentioning that an operation by Beauforts destroyed the station and hotel of Finse resort which was used by German officers. At the bottom of the cutting is an aerial vertical photograph of a snow covered scene with railway running right to left. There are buildings on either side of the railway in the centre with possible damage.


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Pink note document mounted on album page
One b/w photograph mounted on album page
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“Finse resort,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 12, 2021,

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