Hamburg and Bremen



Hamburg and Bremen


On the left an aerial inclined photograph of a river with city on the far bank. At the bottom two waterways divided by a split of land lead up to a river which runs left to right. There are long low buildings on the spit of land. On the far bank to the right are some industrial buildings with a tower and chimneys. To the left a waterway runs parallel to the river terminating in the centre. Beyond the waterway is a city with three prominent church spires. In the distance is an area of water. Captioned 'Hamburg'.

On the right an aerial inclined photograph of a river running from bottom to top with town on both sides. The river is divided into two by a narrow strip of partially submerged land before separating into two branches in the middle of the photograph. In the centre a bridge crosses both branches with the left hand side collapsed into the river. Further up the left branch is another bridge with the centre section missing. On the left bank at the bottom is a church with a damaged roof. Many city buildings line the left bank. There are further built up areas on the right bank and between the two river branches. In the distance open countryside. Captioned 'Bremen'.



Two b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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