Casera Lanza massacre



Casera Lanza massacre


A mountain village has been attacked by Cossacks. Buildings are burning in the distance and civilians are being threatened with knives and rifles. Three civilians are lying on the ground having been shot.

Label reads “125”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA. 21 LUGLIO 1944… Dal racconto dei 2 soli superstiti scampati da Casera Lanza perche nascosti nel fieno. I falsi partigiani si presentarono chiedendo cibo, compensarono poi l’ospitalita scaricando le armi su quanti erano presenti all casera. 16 furono le vittime l’eccidio avvenne dopo mezzogiorno, le salme vennero serviziate depredate e gettate in monte una sull’altra in un’angolo della casera.”

Caption translates as: “Carnia. 21 July 1944… From the account of the only two survivors of the Casera Lanza massacre. They were hidden in the haystacks. Those who pretended to be partisans, but weren’t, showed up asking for food. Then, they rewarded the hosts for their hospitality by firing their weapons towards anyone in the alpine dairy. The victims were 16. They were slaughtered shortly after midday and the bodies were abused, plundered, and piled up in a corner of the building.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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