Battle of Stalingrad at the Red October Factory



Battle of Stalingrad at the Red October Factory


Four vehicles or artillery pieces can be seen on the horizon with black smoke rising to the sky. Buildings have been bombed. Flames, smoke and rubble are shooting into the sky. In the foreground, nine German soldiers are firing rifles and an anti-tank gun.

Label reads “76”; signed by the author; caption reads: “STALINGRADO 22-23-24 Gennaio 1943. Ultimi giorni della sanguinosissima lotta tra le esauste forze tedesche e i sovietici incalzanti, fra le rovine della fabbrica “ottobre rosso”.

Caption translates as: “Stalingrad 22-23-24 January 1943. The last days of the bloody combat between the exhausted German troops and the determined Soviet units amidst the remains of the “Red October" factory. "

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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