Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 4



Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 4


On calm seas, the destroyers Vivaldi and Malocello exchange salvos with HMS Foresight (H68). The three vessels are engulfed in flames and black smoke is billowing upwards. Shells are exploding in the water near the Italian destroyer on the left of the picture.

Label reads “57”; signed by the author; caption reads “4 … sono le 6.20 il Vivaldi si ferma ma spera ancora il Malocello le gira attorno facendolo da scudo, il ritmo del fuoco è sempre celere sono le 6.45, il cctt inglese H68 è tanto vicino da vedere nitidamente le lettere dipinte sulla prora A 7000 metri il “Malocello” lancia contro il CCTT inglese una coppia di siluri, uno colpisce una fiancata, un’enorme fiammata rossa e gialla sgorga enorme a poppavia del centro…”

Caption translates as: “4… It’s 6.20 am, the Vivaldi stops, hoping [to remain afloat] . The Malocello orbits around the Vivaldi acting as its shield. The rate of fire is sustained. It’s 6.45 am, the British destroyer H68 is so close that the letters painted forward can be clearly made out. At 7,000 metres distance, the 'Malocello' shoots a couple of torpedoes towards the British destroyer, one hits the side and a huge, red and yellow blaze gushes centre aft…

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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