Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 6



Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 6


On a clear day and in turbulent seas, the Vivaldi is engulfed in flames and black smoke. Figures in uniforms are trying to escape in three lifeboats that have been launched. Two figures are on deck trying to put out the flames using a hosepipe and a bucket. A figure with a life-jacket around his neck is in the water and being rescued by another figure with a bandaged head.

Label reads “59”; signed by the author; caption reads “6… alle 7.57 l’incendio divampa di nuovo, le fiamme mordono il legno e il ferro s’abbrancano alle tubature e le torcono bruciano le soprastrutture e le guarnizioni di gomma, camminano inesorabili verso poppa. Bombe da getto e materiali esplosivi vengono gettati in mare, poi il Vivaldi si ferma sembra un vulcano galleggiante getti di nafta infiammata, sgorgano dalle tubature frantumate, le munizioni rimaste nelle noire [sic] che scoppiano, il munizionamento del complesso centrale esplode, tutta la nave è fumo scoppi e fiamme all’equipaggio viene dato l’ordine di evacuare la nave…”

Caption translates as: “6… at 7.57 am the fire rages again. The flames consume wood and iron, cling pipes and twist them. They burn superstructures and rubber gaskets, moving unremittingly aft. Depth charges and explosives were thrown overboard, then the Vivaldi stood idle looking like a floating volcano. Flaming oil gushes out of burst pipes. The ammunition in the elevators and in the central tower exploded. The whole ship went up in flames. Smoke, explosions, flames. The crew was ordered to abandon ship…”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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Angiolino Filiputti, “Actions of the destroyer Vivaldi. Part 6,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 13, 2024,

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