Letter from Sergeant A Pelly to Mrs Brooks



Letter from Sergeant A Pelly to Mrs Brooks


Writes to tell Mrs Brooks about her husband's death as a result of a recent flying accident. States that it was absolutely instantaneous and that, as the crash had been from a low height, he would not have felt anything. Explains that he had been part of the crew and had flown with them for a long time. Sergeant Pelly had liked flying with that crew because there was always a good feeling between them: 'every member knew his own job thoroughly and in many cases knew other peoples as well making everything very much easier'. He states that he was dealing with her husband's personal belongings which would be sent to her in due course.




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Two page handwritten letter


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Sergeant Pelly.
C/O Sgts Mess
R.A.F. Station

My Dear Mrs: Brooks:

It is my painful task to write and tell you of your husbands [sic] death in a recent flying accident, it may console you a little to know that his death was absolutely instantaneous, and consequently as they crashed from such a low level he could have felt nothing.

I think before I go any further I had better explain who I am. I joined the crew when we converted onto this particular type of aircraft, & have flown with the crew for a long time. I used to like flying with the crew for

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many reasons one of them being that there was always such a good feeling between each member. I never remember a hard word from any body [sic]. Every member new his own job thoroughly and in many [inserted] cases [/inserted] knew other peoples as well making everything very much easier. The reason I am here now is that at the time of this tragedy I was on the sick list after a slight accident which occured [sic] some time ago.

I am dealing with all his personal belongings personally, or in other words seeing that they get into the hands of the right people. You will receive them in due course.

If at any time there is anything, I can do to help you I will be only too pleased to help you in every possible way.

I remain a sympathising friend of yours Anthony E Pelly



Anthony Pelly, “Letter from Sergeant A Pelly to Mrs Brooks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11320.

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