Pilot Officer H R Madgett award of Distinguished Flying Medal



Pilot Officer H R Madgett award of Distinguished Flying Medal


Newspaper account of parents' receipt of Hedley Madgett's Distinguished Flying Medal who was now presumed to have lost his life during low level attack on Peenemunde on 17/18 August 1943. Describes citation including attack on Oberhausen where operation was completed despite crew incapacitation and carrying on with damaged aircraft. On the reverse 'Hedley citation, Kentish Times, December 1944'



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Kentish Times
15th Dec.1944.
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Pilot Officer H. R. Madgett, D.F.M.
At a recent Investiture held at Buckingham Palace by the King, Mr. and Mrs. Madgett, 127, Longlands road, Sidcup, were invited to attend to receive from His Majesty the Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to their son, the late Pilot Officer Hedley Robert Madgett, now presumed to have lost his life in the low level attack on Peenemunde August 17-18, 1943.
The official citation in connection with the award stated that Pilot Officer Madgett had completed many successful sorties against strongly defended targets in Germany and Italy. On one occasion when detailed to attack Oberhausen, the bomb aimer, navigator, and flight-engineer lost consciousness owing to lack of oxygen, and Pilot Officer Madgett (then sergeant) completed the mission successfully. On another occasion his aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft fire during an attack, but he continued, dropped the bombs, and secured a photograph of the target area. He displayed outstanding courage, cheerfulness and determination on all his sorties, in face of the heaviest fire.
Born at Hither Green, Pilot Officer Madgett was educated at the Chislehurst-Sidcup County School. Before enlisting in 1940 he was employed as a clerk. He was 20 years of age.
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Hedleys Citation
Kentish Times
[underlined] December 1944 [/underlined]


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