Douglas Hudson missing



Douglas Hudson missing


Newspaper cuttings noting that amongst other casualties that Sergeant J D Hudson is missing. Also noted 'Blenheim crash landed Cape Bon, navigator Hudson J D, pilot Riddick, known as John but probably Sgt D C B N, air gunner Randall, D W G (known as Tony). Hudson, Randal and Riddick are underlined in Missing paragraph.

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[inserted] Blenheim crash landed on Cap Bon. [/inserted] R.A.F.’s LOSSES
[inserted] Navigator Hudson J.D
Pilot Riddick known as John but probably Sgt. D.C.B.
Air Gunner Randall D.W.G. (known as ‘Tony’)
Two Brothers Killed in Action

Meades, 536703, Sgt. S.E.; Shalley, 746984, Sgt. D.F.; Smitheram, 41074, P/O J.C.; Weaver, 70719, Actg. F/Lt. P.S.

[circled] MISSING [/circled]
Arthur, 42090, P/O C.J.; Baker, 935961, Sgt. B.; Baker, 751839, Sgt. J.; Bann, 581165, Sgt. J.; Bayliss, 44057, P/O G.L.; Bentham, 552444, Sgt. H.; Berry, 39959, F/O E.R.; Borg-Banks, 41659, P/O T.H.; Bowers, 743077, Sgt. H.; Bruce, 39853 F/O D.C.; Carter, 628721, Sgt. H.W.; Child, 616033, L/A/C A.G.; Churchill, 41255, P/O R.S.A.; Clarke, 743056, Sgt. J.C.; Coghlan, 37719, Actg. F/Lt J.H., D.F.C.; Coverley, 70142, F/O W.H.; Cox, 747188, Sgt. R.C.R.; Cunningham, 90194, F/Lt. J.L.G.; Cutts, 40804, P/O J.W.; D’Arcy, 561093, Sgt. B.M.; Davis, 44271, P/O D.H.; Dean, 975058, A/C 2 H.W.; Dickson, 626161, Sgt. G.M.; Doulton, 90235, F/O M.D.; Dunkels, 42822, P/O C.O.; Dunnington, 612371, Sgt. H.; Dymond, 580059, Sgt. W.L.
Edmeads, 751841, Sgt. A.C.H.; Fawcett, 41005, P/O. N.B.; Fitzpatrick, 79540, P/O. W.E.; Francis, 42211, P/O. C.D.; Garvey, 741796, Sgt. P.K.; Gibson, 751217, Sgt. A.; Gordon, 42120, P/O W.H.G.; Hall, 510251, L/A/C E.A,; Hamilton, 39316, F/Lt. H.R.; Hibbert, 538174, A/C 1 G,; Hill, 567598, Sgt. M.; Hillcoat, 90256, Actg. F/Lt. H.B.L.; Hogg, 33486, P/O. R.M.; Hood, 26110, Sq. Ldr. H.R.L.; Howard, 566374, Sgt. H.G.H.; [underlined] Hudson, 755052, Sgt. J.D.; [/underlined] Hynes, 41707, P/O. T.G.; Inskip, 581339, Sgt. I.; Johnson, 520406, Sgt. J.I.; Johnston, 580546, Sgt. N.R.; Jones, 536553, L/A/C. C.P.; Lampard, 615948, L/A/C. C.D.; Lawes, 567002, L/A/C. W.F.; Lovett, 37543, Actg. F/Lt. R.E. D.F.C.; Macdonald, 74679, P/O. D.K.; Martin, 633385, L/A/C. E.; Maxwell, 967872, Sgt. W.; Moody, 81046, P/O H.W.
Newson, 755404, Sgt. F.H.; Norris, 565646, F/Sgt. H.N.; O’Reilly, 535507, L/A/C. J.P.; Parvin, 33441, P/O. J.H.K.; Pearce, 742651, Sgt. E.A.; Pigg, 39678, F/O. O.St.J.; [underlined] Randall, 905742, Sgt. D.W.G.[/underlined]; Reay, 626591, A/C. 1 G.; Rhodes, 42529, P/O. R.A.; Rhodes-Moorhouse, 90140, F/Lt. W.H., D.F.C.; [underlined] Riddick, 1004679, Sgt. D.C.B.[/underlined]; Rigby, 532880, Cpl. G.A.; Riley, 741996, Sgt. C.P.; Riley, 550943, Sgt. E.A.H.; Ringwood, 629710, Sgt. E.A.; Rolls, 615888, Sgt. H.; Rushmer, 90192, F/Lt. F.W.; Sawyer, 638724, Sgt. F.C.; Sherriff, 362116, F/Sgt. W.D.; Smith, 755623, Sgt. J.S.; Stephenson, 550132, Sgt. J.W.; Stiles, 639949, Sgt, R.C.E.; Sully, 581542, Sgt. A.P.; Thomas, 37332, Actg. Sq. Ldr. F.G.R.; Wainwright, 581127, Sgt. L.H.; Walker, 615619, Sgt. A.E.; Webb, 966677, A/C. 1 D.C.; Westmoreland, 741143, Sgt. T.E.; Wicker, 746715, Sgt. R.M.; Willcox, 590740, Sgt. R.J.



“Douglas Hudson missing,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 2, 2023,

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