Howard, Irene


Howard, Irene
I Howard


31 Items. An oral history interview with Irene Howard née Green (1925 - 2018), Civil Defence Warden Service and war damage compensation documents, identity cards and ration books as well as various Christmas greetings and photographs of family. She worked in a factory in Manchester during the war and as an Air Raid Precaution Warden. Her house was bombed in December 1940.

The collection was donated by Irene Howard and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Howard, I

Collection Items

Irene Howard in mirror
Irene Howard wearing pink jumper seen in a mirror which she rescued from her wartime bombed out home at 10 Tarbuck Street, Salford.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Man in uniform
Three quarter length photograph of a man wearing battledress and side cap. In the background brick buildings. Notes of the reverse.

Sarah and Peter Green
A man with rolled up shirtsleeves wearing waistcoat stands to the left of a seated woman who is wearing a dark dress. In the background and to either side, two-story terraced houses. On the reverse 'Mum and Dad, Sarah and Peter Green'.

Full length portrait of a wedding couple. Women on the left wearing wedding dress and carrying bouquet and a man on the right in suit. In the background a wooden door.

War damage act 1943 (part 2). Private chattels scheme
States that the government has decided to pay all deferred private chattels as soon as possible in next financial year to include the amount claimed, interest and a supplementary payment where applicable. Goes on to provide details. Payment aimed at…

Coleby volunteer agricultural camp
1. Photograph titled 'Greetings from Coleby V.A.C'. A wide pathway runs from bottom right to top left with prefabricated one story buildings either side. To the right trees. A group of people are standing in the foreground on the edge of the…

A woman explains to his son the symbolism of the poppies. In the final line she weeps because 'the world is forgetting again'.

Lancashire civil defence warden's service
Letter of appreciation to all members of the Lancashire civil defence warden's service. Includes Special order of the day after the service had stood down from 2 May 1945 and offers appreciation of work done. States that work was in close cooperation…

18 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment R.A Christmas card
Badge of Royal Artillery with addition of small Saint Andrews cross with red grenade in centre. From ' Robert to Ma & All'.

Christmas greetings from the Mediterranean
Addressed to Mrs S A Green. Cartoon of three military men talking in front of an Middle Eastern building. Handwritten annotation ' Best wishes to Ma, Irene, Liz, Jim, Emily, Tom, Edith, Tom, Alice, Sam, Aunt Ada and all the family, cheerio, Robert'.

Greetings of the season
Greetings card addressed to Irene Green page with a silhouette of man on a camel. Greetings of the season H M Forces Middle East from Robert to the family. Annotated 'Good Health, Good Luck, To You All'.

Application for an advanced payment of compensation to avoid undue hardship
Application made by Sarah Green requesting £47 on 14 October 1946. Covered by request dated 25 October 1946 from Customs and Excise requesting clarification of information on the form.

War Damage Act Private Chattels Scheme
War Damage Act 1943 (Part 1). Issued after European war was over and covers answers to questions on when people will be paid, increases in compensation and payment of interest.

War damage documents
Page 1. Assistance Board making advanced payment to cover immediate needs only of £2 for clothing and £5 for furniture on 15 August 1941. Advice if further help required. Annotated at the bottom '1st advance £6 clothing 27 December 1940, 2nd…

War damage receipt of claim
To Mrs Sarah Green acknowledging receipt for war damage claim 14 January 1941.

Stanley Howard's national registration identity card
Issue in Manchester 11 November 1946, updated to Waddington and then Coleby, Lincolnshire.

Identification card for mechanical transport driver
Made out by war office for driver Smith G A, includes basic physical features. Valid from 14 December 1943 to 13 December 1944.

Irene Green's air raid warden's card of appointment
Certifies that Irene Green was appointed as an air raid warden on 11 March 1944.

Robert Kinley next of kin form
Nest of kin form stamped 'DAMAGED BY SEA WATER' for Gunner Robert K Kinley, A/Troop 189/Battery 18 LAA Regiment Royal Artillery. Central Mediterranean Force to Mrs R Kinely in Manchester

Irene Howard's national registration identity card
Issued in February 1954 address in Manchester. Update with stamp October 1945, address in Waddington. Update May 1945 to address in Coleby.

Stanley Howard's ration book
Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873619 to Stanley Howard, address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.

Irene Howard's ration book
Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873620 to Irene Howard address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.

Irene Howard's ration book
Ration book 1953-54 issued in Lincoln serial no BB873618 to Irene Howard address in Coleby, Lincolnshire. Contains stamps for Charles Marshall Ltd, Navenby.

Stanley Howard's supplementary clothing book
Stanley Howard's supplementary clothing book

Utility furniture buying permit
Made out for Mrs S Green on 27 April 1946 and contains 30 utility furniture unit stamps. Instructions for use on the reverse.
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