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Tinian and Saipan


21 items. All photographs of places, aircraft and people taken on Tinian and Saipan around the time of the B-29 atomic bomb operations to Nagasaki and…

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Harris, Donald Raymond


Three items. An oral history interview with Flight Sergeant Donald Harris (B. 1925, 1877136 Royal Air Force) and two photographs. He served as an air…

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Dray, F J


One item. F J Dray's log book. He flew a tour of operations as an air gunner with 576 Squadron from RAF Fiskerton.

The collection has been loaned…

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Brooker, William Harry


11 items. The collection concerns brothers in law James Miller (b. 1919) and
William Harry Brooker (b.1920). It contains propaganda leaflets, two…

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Britt, Ron


Five items. The collection concerns Ronald Britt (b.1923, 1939520 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book and photographs. He was an air gunner…

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Badnell, W G


The collection consists of a set of medals and has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Nick Clarke and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Harris, Michael


Five items. The collection includes a letter, an account of loss of a Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron on operation to Hamburg, a letter of condolence…

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Barron, Andrew


Three oral history interviews with Flight Lieutenant Andrew Barron (b.1923, 163695 Royal Air Force) He flew 38 operations as a navigator in 223…

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Cheshire, Leonard


374 items concerning Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, OM, DSO & Two Bars, DFC. Collection consists of photographs of people, vehicles, places,…

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Bain, Andrew

The Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book for Andrew Bain <br />

58 items. The collection concerns Andrew Bain (1916-1943, 658930, Royal Air Force). He joined the British Army in September 1939 and transferred to…

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Woods, Eric Horace


Two items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Eric Horace Woods (b. 1921, 751788, 162541 Royal Air Force) and consists of his log book and a…

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Martin Catty's Gee charts


Nine items. Miniature Lattice Chart book containing charts for Great Britain and the surrounding seas.

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Reynolds, William


Seven items. The collection concerns William Reynolds who was stationed at Branston Mere Y Station, a wireless intercept and direction finding…

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Istituto Storico della Resistenza e dell'età contemporanea di Pistoia

ISRECP, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 001-1.jpg

241 items. The 1944-1947 Allied Screening Commission was tasked to track down Italian civilians who helped escapers and evaders. Helpers were given a…

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Smith, Walter John


One item. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant Walter John Smith (1141900, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book. He flew 51 operations as a…

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Redgrave, Henry Cecil


164 items. The collection concerns Henry Cecil Redgrave (743047, Royal Air Force) and contains his decorations, letters and photographs. He flew…

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Brown, Jeff


35 items. One oral history interview with Flying Officer Jeff Brown (b. 1925, 2205595, Royal Air Force), his log book, service material and…

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Gibbon, Homfray Reece


Five items. The collection concerns Sergeant Homfray Reece Gibbon (191944, 1817726 Royal Air Force), an airgunner with 166 Squadron who was killed 29…

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Appleton, Noel


5 items. Two photographs and correspondence concerning Noel Appleton DFC (1920 - 2008, 414980 Royal Australian Air Force) and the award of his…

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Storey, David Philip


Three items. The collection concerns David Philip Storey DFC (1919 - 2018, 1334123, Royal Air Force) and consists of his log book, a photograph and a…

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15 pages of newspaper cuttings relating to 1930's aviation. It includes record breaking flights, and aircraft types including the Hurricane, Battle…

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Bailey, Ronald Hartley


14 Items. The collection concerns Ronald Hartley Bailey (b.1925) and includes his log book, photographs including three of aircrew working inside a…

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Azzaro, Victor Emmanuel


12 Items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant
Victor Azzaro MBE, DFC (1915 - 1997, 56448 Royal Air Force) and includes nine photographs, his…

Contributors: 2017-10-05

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Donaldson, David


300 Items and a sub-collection of 51 items. Concerns Royal Air Force career of Wing Commander David Donaldson DSO and bar, DFC. A pilot, he joined the…

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