McMahon, Thomas


McMahon, Thomas
Thomas McMahon


35 items. The collection concerns Thomas McMahon (1061081, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents, objects and photographs. He flew operations as a wireless operator / air gunner with 77 Squadron and Coastal Command and became a prisoner of war.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Neil McMahon and catalogued by Lynn Corrigan.




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McMahon, T

Collection Items

RAF necktie
Thomas' Royal Air Force tie with wide blue and red and narrow white diagonal stripes. It has a label, reading '100% polyester a W & M tie made in Great Britain.

Lads of No3 class
A group of 16 trainee airmen in uniform and half caps. Seven are sitting with their arms folded and nine stand in a line behind. Tom is standing second left back row. The other 15 men have signed the cover which is also annotated 'lads of No3 class…

Rows of airmen
A group of 48 airmen in uniform, 46 wearing side caps and 2 with officer caps. They are arranged in four rows on grass with a terrace of residential buildings with chimneys beyond. Thomas is second right in the third row from the front. On reverse,…

Group in uniform
A group of nine airmen in uniform. Seven standing in a line behind two men crouching on the ground. They are outside a wooden building with painted wings and 'X6' below a sign reading 'Pride & Empire' set above the doorway. Thomas is standing third…

Group of airmen
A group of 46 airmen in uniform, 45 wearing side caps and one with an officer's cap. The men are arranged in four rows on the pavement outside Springfield House with the number 13 above the door. Thomas is sitting, front row, seventh right, with his…

Springfield House
A group of 46 airmen in uniform outside a terraced property. They are arranged in four rows and the property has the number 13 above the door. On reverse 'Blackpool Tom McMahon front row seventh from left'. [sic, Tom McMahon is seventh from right].

Thomas McMahon in Sidcot suit
Full length portrait of Thomas McMahon in a Sidcot suit, flying boots and gloves. He is carrying a flying helmet and is standing outside a brick building with open windows. On reverse, 'Thomas McMahon'.

Young airman
Half portrait of Thomas in his uniform and half cap. On reverse is a stamp reading 'Portrait BB Promenade Blackpool Phone 2188 No.4893' and 'Thomas McMahon'.

To my old pal
Full length portrait of Thomas in uniform standing in front of a concrete brick building with down pipe. On the reverse 'To my old pal from his old pal, Tom' and ''Thomas McMahon'.

Ready to fly
Full length portrait of Thomas McMahon standing outside the wooden door of concrete block building. He is wearing sheepskin flying jacket and boots and is holding his flying helmet. On reverse, ‘Thomas McMahon' and 'To mum and pop, with lots of…

Labelled 'Photos' and 'Tom' an envelope containing images of Tom and his service life.

Sergeant Thomas McMahon
A half portrait of Thomas McMahon wearing uniform and his air gunner's brevet. On reverse 'Thomas McMahon' and 'Do you know this Boy'.

Three services
Thomas McMahon wearing uniform, sitting on the right, with a man wearing army uniform and a third standing man in naval uniform. On the reverse is stamped 'The State 581 London Road Glasgow, .S.E. 1 May 1945' and annotated 'Thomas McMahon on the…

With four smokers
Four airmen, all holding cigarettes, sat in front of a man with pilot's brevet standing left and Thomas standing right. Thomas has his hand on the shoulder of the man, also with pilot's brevet, sat in front of him. Thomas and the other three men have…

Five airmen
Two crouch on the ground with three men standing with their arms around each other. Thomas is crouching front left. The group are outside a two storey building with open metal framed windows. On the reverse: 'Parachute No. R105549 Harness No. 555'…

The State Studios
Head and shoulder portrait of Thomas McMahon, on the right, with another man, held inside a cover. Both are in uniform and Thomas has his air gunners brevet. On the reverse is printed 'The State Studios 581 London Road Glasgow and 18 Aug 1945', also…

Thomas McMahon
Thomas, in uniform and side cap, standing on the path outside a two storey building. Further buildings are in the background. On the reverse; "Thomas McMahon".

In the doorway
A group of five airmen standing in the open doorway of a wooden building. One man is crouching on the ground with the others standing behind. One man has his arms around two of the others. All are bareheaded and in uniform. Above the door is a sign…

In the camp
A group of 25 airmen in uniform, all with side caps. outside a wooden building with brick foundations and glass windows. They are arranged in rows with three sitting cross legged on the ground, four sat behind, 13 standing and five standing on a…

Thomas McMahon's service and release book
Warrant Officer Thomas McMahon's service and release book from 26 August 1940 to 29 January 1946.

Thomas McMahon's service record
Form 543, record of Thomas McMahon's personal and service history, from 25 July 1940 to 29 January 1946.

Response to a request
Enclosing Thomas' flying log book together with acknowledgement of receipt card.

Receipt for log book
Acknowledgement of Thomas' flying log book. Annotated '1061081 - W/O - McMahon,T'.

Inscribed to 'A.C.2. 1061081. Tom McMahon' and including a message from the King to all serving in the forces and 'all people engaged in the defence of the realm'. The Royal Air Force emblem, with motto 'Per Adua Ad Astra', is imprinted on the front…

RAF badge
Black badge of an eagle with outstretched wings.
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