Copy of list of personal effects



Copy of list of personal effects


List of personal effects of No 130598 A/F/Lt Fry H L.

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[underlined] COPY [/underlined]

[underlined] BV15270. Personal Effects of No. 130598 A/F/Lt. FRY, H.L. [/underlined]

1 Brown case contg:-

2 Collars.
4 Handkerchiefs.
2 pr. Pants.
1 Towel.
2 Shirts.
1 pr. Pyjamas.
3 pr. Socks.
1 Vest.

1 Tin Trunk contg:-

1 pr Gym Boots.
2 Tunics with “N” Brevets.
1 pr. Brown Slippers.
1 pr. Gym Shoes.
1 Greatcoat.
11 Handkerchiefs.
The Saturday Book.
Enchanted land.
1 Bible.
1 Wallet Keys
1 Box Portraits.
4 Black Ties.
1 Gillette Razor in Box.
2 Diaries.
1 Brown Writing Folder.
1 Dress Cap.
2 pr. Black Shoes.
2 pr. Blue Trousers.
1 Rubber Ankle Boots.
1 Raincoat
3 Coat Hangers.
1 pr. Pyjamas.
Paul Graves Golden Treasury.
1 pr. Spectacles in Case.
1 Shaving Brush.
2 pr. Kid Gloves.
3 Keys on Ring.
1 Towel
1 Black Notecase.
1 Red Note Book.

1 Toilet Cas contg: Toothbrush.
“O” Badge. Butter knife, comb.
Metal Container, 1 Safety Razor.
1 Parker Fountain Pen, 1 Platignum Fountain Pen, 1 pr. Cycle Clips.
1 pr. Spectacles in Case, 1 Purse
1 pr. Dividers.
1 Kit Bag Clasp & Lock.
1 Steel Mirror & Nail Scissors in Case.
2 Diaries.
2 Folders contg: Booklets.
1 Envelope of Photos.
1 Blue Woollen Dressing Gown.
1 Swim Suit.
1 Wooden Foot Rule.
9 Venus Pencils.
1 Leather Belt.
1 Towel.
1 Wallet contg: Photos, Cards, Booklets.
1 St. John's First Aid Book.
6 1/2 pr. Socks.
1 Leather Case contg: Brush & Steel.
4 Collars.
1 Half Pint Drinking Mug.
3 pr. Trunks.
1 Blue Shirt.

1 Empty [deleted] Black Case [/deleted] [inserted] (Dark Blue Bag) [/inserted]

Post Office Savings Bank Book, Stroud, No. 26161, National Savings Certificates for 26 Units and 1 Lloyds Bank Ltd. Cheque Book extracted by Unit and forwarded to Air Ministry Accts.13, WORCESTER.



“Copy of list of personal effects,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 14, 2022,

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This Item dcterms:relation Item: Letter to Harold Fry's father from RAF Central Depository