South Africans at Szubin Oflag XXIB



South Africans at Szubin Oflag XXIB
Kriegy Play 1941
Photographs of prisoners of war


Left side. Titled 'South Africans at Szubin Oflag XXIB [..] 42, 43'. Nineteen men wearing a variety of uniform, five squatting down in front the others standing. In the background a single story brick building. Captioned 'Reg Allwoood (SR), Bush Kennedy, Kev [...], Jim Inrie, Heaton-Nicholls, Taylor, Eustace Neibour, "Pops" Wright, Lary Parkes, George Haller, Tony Ruffell, Tiger Batees,[....], Jack [..], Front Row, Small, B Chase, Jackie Perkins, Jacko Jackson, Self'. Right side. Top - man on stage wearing greatcoat and cap and holding fake spear. captioned 'Kriegy Play 1941'. Bottom - group of servicemen wearing greatcoats and caps on parade at funeral with grave crosses in foreground.

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Three b/w photographs mounted on two book pages


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“South Africans at Szubin Oflag XXIB,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 24, 2024,

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