Damage descriptions for post operation photographs



Damage descriptions for post operation photographs


Damage descriptions to go with post operation photographs of Cologne, Moehne and Eder Dams. Relates to photographs C.2550, CH.9687 and CH.9750.

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C, 2550. COLOGNE: Widespread damage is revealed in this picture which shows a section of the modern part of the city. The broad tree-lined street running across the picture from left to right is the Luxemburger-strasse.

CH. 9687. MOEHNE DAM: The breach of about 200 feet width in the Moehne Dam. It can be seen that the lake has been drained of the major part of its contents but the water is still pouring through the breach. The foam and disturbed water visible immediately below the bridge covers the space where before the destruction was situated the Power Station. The water draining from the lake overflowed and destroyed the dam surrounding the Compensating Basin. The Auxiliary Power Station, stands on an island on the remainder of the dam.

CH. 9750. EDER DAM: The south-east end of the storage lake with the Dam breached between the two valve houses at a point about 400 feet from its western end. The breach appears to measure about 180 feet at the crown of the dam, narrowing to about 100 feet at its lowest visible point. Water is still seen pouring through the gap flowing fast downstream towards Kassel.



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