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Sergeant James Canniff thanks Jack for the letter which his mother had sent on to him, writing he is glad to hear he is okay. James tells him that he is currently staying at Stockport, and tells Jack of how superb the Lancaster he has been flying in…

Asks Jack to forgive for the delayed letter, writes he is home on seven days leave. Asks if he has heard the news today of the Lancaster. Writes it is a smashing aircraft, and asks when Jack will next get leave as home gives them the 'willies'.


Reports that the ceremony ended with the British and Dutch national anthems. Reports that Photo II was an example of a stone placed on the graves. The report includes the inscription placed on the stone of James’ grave: “652687 Sergeant J.…

A woman sits with Sergeant James Canniff in uniform to her right who puts his left hand on her left shoulder, with another man to her left. A decorated Christmas tree is to James’ right side. Reverse: “Uncle Jim Canniff”.

Four rows of 35 men in uniform; the first two rows are seated, the last two are stood. The first row cross their arms. Two men in the middle of the second row wear Sergeant patches, and two wear Lance Corporal patches. Reverse: “23607”.

18 men on motorcycles, four men in background near truck. Decipherable registration plates: “BHA 682” and “43304111”. Reverse: “Love you [indecipherable] from Jim, xxx” and “V 462”.

Two men in uniform stood to attention in front of wooden building ‘390’. Reverse: “Post Card Carte Postale”.

Three men next to a Christmas tree, one is seated in the middle and two stand to the right and left. Above a fireplace are cards and decorations. Reverse: "Uncle Jim (in uniform)".

Four men seated in uniform, one being Sergeant James Canniff. Reverse: “GEOFFREYS [indecipherable] LTD 4, FOSSGATE, YORK 14 JUN 1941”

Sergeant James Canniff, seated in uniform.

Left - Sergeant James Canniff seated in uniform (flight engineer).
Right - Sergeant James Canniff (middle left) stands in uniform with an RAF colleague and two men in Army uniform, one with visible sergeant patch. Two men sit, whilst James and…

Sergeant James Canniff in various contexts.
Top left – Sergeant James Canniff (left) stands next to another man, both in dress clothes, holding a dog
Top right – Ten men, four sitting, two kneeling, and four standing, and a woman standing.…

Three bomber aircraft dropping bombs over a city on fire at night. Explosions on the ground and searchlights in the sky. On the reverse: “Thanks for the letter Jack I’ll write later, for now here wishing you a very happy time Jim.”

Sergeant James Canniff, seated in uniform (flight engineer). The reverse:

“Sgt James Canniff 106 Squadron shot down on night mission to Frankfurt on 25/8/42 He is buried in Holland.”

Reports that following Canniff’s death he was buried in Grave 34 in the English section of the Military Cemetery at Westduin. His was buried next to two comrades, Sergeant Johnson in Grave 33 and Sergeant Collingwood in Grave 35.
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