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A family of three on a promenade. The girl is in a pram.

A half length portrait of Beatrice sitting at a desk in uniform. On the reverse on a sticky note is 'Beatrice Achesan nee Holden Civil Defence'.

Two women sitting in a garden.

Head and shoulder portraits of two women in WAAF uniform. On the reverse 'To Beatrice, With lots of Love and the best of luck, July 18th 1944.'

A half length portrait of a civilian wearing a cap. On the reverse 'To remember from Hermann Brandt Germany January 1948' and on a sticky note 'German POW'.

Beatrice wearing a great coat is standing in a street. On the reverse on a sticky note is 'Beatrice Holden' and handwritten 'Beatrice 1943'.

Three members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force wearing greatcoats. On the reverse 'L. Doreen from Larne. R. Violet from Portrush and myself. 24/1/43' and on a sticky note 'Beatrice Holden centre'.

A head and shoulders portrait of a woman in WAAF uniform.

Three women sitting on a bench. On the reverse on a sticky note is 'Beatrice Holden Rt// with mother & grandmother'.

Beatrice standing on a beach. On the reverse 'Beatrice Holden ? Hollywood Beach Ulster'.

An airman sitting on a stone wall. On the reverse 'Aug 1/79 Helen & Vincent Lanping 99 Kingsdale Ave, Willowdale Ont. Canada. [indecipherable] for 101 Sqdn Radar Section RCAF'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Beatrice. On the reverse is a sticky note with her name.

An unsigned letter with pages missing. It is full of social news.

A card issued to Beatrice in September 1950.
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