Page 2 and 3 of a Letter



Page 2 and 3 of a Letter


An unsigned letter with pages missing. It is full of social news.





Two handwritten sheets


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[inserted] No 2 [indecipherable word][/inserted]


just using up scraps of paper will soon go and make my supper.

its a week since I started this Margie Rang me just before lunch, as Stev did not get over yesterday, he had something had to be seen to Margie said she would come Wed or Thurs but Jessie Rang me Sunday said it was to[sic] windy and cold she walked to Church as the Lady who callides[sic] for her did not come but found out at the meeting she has gone into Lincoln hospital

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so I will miss her to[sic] as she was the one took me into town, she is divorced with one child 11 years so another one lives on the country but has her car, unheard of in my time and the men gets away with it I thought they were going to pay up then Ruby Rang with all her [indecipherable word] all her self.

Grace Rang me Sunday at tea time they all enjoyed their weekend in the Highlands a very posh Hotel

Grace said Ann and Barb. were coming [sic] to Rasen and they had anns number[?]


“Page 2 and 3 of a Letter,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 4, 2023,

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