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  • Collection: Leadbetter, John. Canada

A camp scene of a road with wooden huts and in the distance a bunch of airmen. On the reverse 'Piccadilly Moncton'.

11 airmen including Jack. On the reverse 'The boys'.

Four trainee airmen standing by a sign for the airbase. On the reverse 'Canada' and '4 Musketeers'.

Jack and a colleague in flying kit. On the reverse 'Canada' and 'Processed Jan 24 1944'.

A sign for the school with an airman standing by it. On the reverse 'What was started at the beginning of the War'.

11 airmen in two rows. On the reverse 'Canada A Merry Band'.

An oblique aerial photograph of the airbase at Picton. There is a row of aircraft, five hangars and many other buildings.
On the reverse 'Picton aerodrome. Picton Manitoba' [sic]

13 Airmen with their new brevets.

A group of five airmen arranged in two rows. They are in flying kit, with parachutes, gloves and thick boots. On the reverse 'Canada'.

The two airmen are kitted up with parachutes, gloves and thick boots. On the reverse 'Canada'.

Two photographs of Jack in RAF uniform and Stan in Navy uniform.
#1 is a half length portrait. On the reverse 'With Stan Duxberry Canada 1944'.
#2 is a full length portrait. On the reverse 'Stan Duxberry & Self in Canada.

Jack wearing his bomb aimer brevet, standing in the snow outside the wooden huts at his base. On the reverse 'Canada'.

A view across a snowy landscape with wooden huts.

A group of 48 trainee airmen arranged in three rows in a basketball gym. Jack is back row, sixth from right. On the reverse 'Jack top back row looking right' and stamped 'RCAF Photograph Crown Copyright'.

Ten photographs taken during a crossing of Canada.
#1 is a view towards the steam engine across various coaches. There is a lot of snow by the tracks.
#2 is an arrivals board for the Canadian Pacific Railway at Chapleau.
#3 is the station at Fireā€¦

A view of the optical illusion at Moncton Hill. A sign identifies the location and suggests how to appreciate the illusion.

Two photographs of Yonge Street, taken from the same location.
#1 is a day view.
#2 is a night view of the same section of street.

A parade of airmen marching along a Canadian street.

Jack in uniform is sitting on a wooden support. On the reverse 'Canada 1944'.

The two trainee airmen are with linked arms in Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

Two photographs of Jack in a city.
#1 has snowy streets.
#2 Jack is in front of the Canadian National war memorial in Ottawa

A head and shoulders portrait of Jack laughing.

The three airmen are wearing their best uniform and new brevets. They are standing in snow.

Jack and friend shaking hands. His friend is pointing at Jack's new brevet. They are standing in snow.

Two full length photographs of Jack standing in snow.
#1 he has no badges.
#2 he has sergeant's stripes and a bomb aimer brevet.
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