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John Tait was prompted to join the Royal Air Force, as he was American by birth and therefore he had to report to the police station once a month because he was considered an ‘alien’. He was a wireless operator and gunner, flying in Ansons,…

Service in the Royal Air Force (29 December 1941 to 29 October 1946).

Three people in a garden in front of a bungalow. Sergeant John Tait is on the on left holding a cigarette; and older bearded man is on the right, and elderly lady is seated between them.

Sergeant John Tait, standing in garden in front of a bungalow. At the left hand side, a flying officer with an observer’s brevet. Both are smoking cigarettes.

Head and shoulders portrait of Leading Aircraftsman John Tait.

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Seven aircrew personnel of various ranks stood in front of a Government Air Transport aircraft. Four are wearing side caps and three dress caps. John Tait is the second from the right.

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