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Certificates awarded to Charmian Quitmann for handwriting, typewriting, commercial practice, shorthand, commercial correspondence and intermediate French.

A cyclist finishing a race. On the reverse ' "Monster" Doig finishing the "10" Egypt. April. 1947'.


11 cyclists linked together in a line. On the reverse 'Rafat Wheelers after the Cairex C.C. "10" Egypt April 1947.'

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A cyclist on a racing bike. Behind two airmen are watching and behind them a Nissen hut.
A second image is identical.
A third image has, on the reverse, 'Astride the 'Raleigh Sports' Fayid April 1947'.

Photo 1 - Denis Bradbury in uniform standing behind his parents, who are seated, outside a house. His father is smoking a pipe and Denis is holding one.

Photo 2 - a head and shoulders portrait of Denis Bradbury in uniform. smoking a…
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